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About Us

Welcome to The Matador, where you can find EVERYTHING Texas Tech! The Matador is proud to be the Official Gameday Retailer of Texas Tech Athletics. You'll see us at Texas Tech sporting events. Look for those red tents with our logo, you can't miss them!
 Our owners BLEED red and black! Steve and Stephanie are members of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, they support the Red Raider Club and during football season if they aren’t working at the store, you are sure to find them tailgating before the game! The Matador is proud to employ Texas Tech students and graduates too. The Matador also gives generously to many Texas Tech organizations not only here in Lubbock but throughout Texas.
The Matador isn’t like other Texas Tech online stores. That’s because we believe that customer service is our number one priority! Our staff is attentive to your 
needs and responds within 24 hours to requests, comments or feedback. If you can’t find an item, contact us and we’ll search high and low to find it for you. The Matador is proud to offer original one of a kind custom designs that are printed right here in Lubbock, Texas. We also carry the most popular brands, Under 
Armour, Top of the World and Comfort Colors. Our gift selection is unique and always something new. Our goal is to offer fun, fresh and different all the time!
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